Who is Skytop Farm? Located in western New Jersey

Our mission is to supply the Best Restaurants with the Best Quality Produce at the Best Possible Prices — it's that simple.

The FarmSkytop Farm, located in Hardwick Township, New Jersey, supplies restaurants in Essex, Bergen and Morris counties with the freshest farm produce available. All of our vegetables are grown from either heirloom or hybrid seeds, guaranteeing the most flavorful produce possible. Discerning restaurants know that using the freshest possible produce makes a noticeable difference in the taste of their dishes, which their customers know and appreciate.

Our produce is picked and delivered on the same day — on a schedule that is distributed to our customers each week by either email or fax — your choice. So whether you prefer delivery on Mondays for a weekday crowd or later in the week for the weekend crowd, (or both) we deliver on your schedule, but only when the crops are ripe.


The History of Skytop Farm 5 generations of growing the freshest produce

The Skytop farm was purchased in 1985 by the Young family. Originally planned as an investment property, the soil proved very arable. The farm in now under the State of New Jersey Farmland Preservation Act. The Young family started growing vegetables for the family table as well as neighbors. As word spread about the quality and taste of the produce, they were approached by a few restaurants to supply some of the crop for their needs.

The current Young family, brothers Steven, James and Joseph, are the fourth generation of the Young family to take up farming. Their great grandfather John Young and his sons, John, Fred and Joe, would take their produce to local farmer's markets in Paterson and Newark to be sold. The original farm was located in Cedar Grove, NJ. Joe Young raised his sons, John and Ken on the Cedar Grove farm. Ken Young raised the brothers to appreciate the joys of farming and the satisfaction of growing quality produce for the market.

Only in the last few years has the family started planting more acreage as more and more restaurants requested their pickings. Today Skytop is small only planting 4 acres out of a total of 76 acres. This is done to sufficiently manage what is grown, but more importantly, to rotate the crops and rest the soil. The soil is re-enriched with ground tree leaves from recycling centers, horse and cow manure. At no time do we use weed control chemicals, all weeding is done by hand or weed control fabric.

The Farm

Giving back to our community

Skytop from time to time picks a surplus of it's plantings. Instead of offering them at reduced prices to stores or other restaurants, we deliver them to a few local food pantries. These pantries are grateful for the donations as fresh produce is harder to come by than other food products as available produce is often donated after it has passed it's fresher state.

  • St. John’s Church, Newark, N.J.
  • Tzu-Chi Food Pantry, Cedar Grove, N.J.

Skytop Farm Produce Check this webpage every week for weekly photos of the crops progress !!!

As previously stated, Skytop only produces a few vegetable and melon crops in limited quantities every year. Our prices might be slightly higher than others but the quality is unsurpassed as any of our customers will tell you.

In the year 2011 the following are the crops we intend to plant and deliver. Signed-up restaurants will receive a weekly schedule by email or fax of what will be picked and quantities available. Availabilities are on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The FarmTomatoes: (7 varieties) Including: Big Boy Hybrid, Early Hybrid, Red Zebra, Pink Brandywine, Kentucky Beefsteak, Tall Vine Rose Heirloom, Juliet Hybrid Grape.
  • Lettuce: (8 varieties) Including: Mesclun, Mezcla, Vivian Romaine, Green Oakleaf, Tango, Red Oakleaf Tango, Tatsoi, Asian Kyona (Mizuna)
  • Peppers: (1 variety ): Green to Red Bell Hybrid
  • Broccoli: (1 variety): Green Magic F1
  • Cucumbers: (1 variety): White wonder
  • Cauliflower: (1 variety): Snowball Hybrid
  • Eggplant: (1 variety) : Berenjena Hybrid
  • Pumpkins: (2 varieties): Tiger Mini Pumpkins (great for stuffing, very sweet), Howden Giant.
  • Cantaloupes: (2 Varieties): Ambrosia Hybrid, Honeyrock
  • Honey Dew Melon: (1 variety): Super Dew Hybrid

How We Work With Our Customers

Sign up on the Contact Us page and tell us your preference of receiving our weekly pickings — either by email or fax. Then every Sunday evening you will receive notifcation of what will be picked and when. Send us your order by your preferred method and we will notify you if the amount you ordered is available so you can plan your menus. REMEMBER: Produce is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so once supplies are exhausted they will not be available until the next picking.

The following restaurants have been buying and using Skytop Farm's fresh produce and this is what they have to say.

The Farm PhotoFrom Our 2010 growing Season:

Lunello's — Cedar Grove
Il Tulipano — Cedar Grove
Rare — The Steakhouse, Little Falls
Raymond’s — Montclair
Esposito’s — Cedar Grove
Above — Restaurant & Bar, South Orange
Osteria Mediterrania — Millburn
Del Monicos Steakhouse — Cedar Grove

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